About Us 

About Digital Environment LLC

Since 1998, Digital Environment exists because there is a need in the market for the key marketing, graphic design and strategic planning services that businesses and organizations need for success. 

Our Story

Why We Exist: So That Our Clients Thrive!

With over 20 years of experience in both traditional and online-based marketing, Digital Environment focuses on the strategic effectiveness of your business in the marketplace.  
Your identity as a business or organization is critically important to gain the trust and reputation you want to gain and grow.  It’s not just good enough to gain the customer with attractive graphics, catchy content, and flashy video.  To succeed at gaining and growing trust and reputation, it’s all about a balanced, consistent and powerful message that keeps people coming to you for what you do best for them.  
What we do is guide you through the process to find and manage the most effective resources so that you achieve the success and effectiveness you deserve.  
We accomplish these objectives with strategic planning and powerful information we share with you so that you stay in control of your marketing – and your business as a whole.  No more guessing to see if you’re doing the right things – we show you how it all works and how you can gain the best results without losing your mind!
Reclaim control of the key areas of marketing.  We’ll show you how.  


How We Achieve the Best for You

With our extensive experience in business strategy, and not just exclusively focused on marketing, we focus on what works best for your business or organization – and not on what works best for us.

You deserve the best results which represents your best interests, goals and objectives.  That’s why we help you thrive.  


Focus on results, not fads

It’s not about today’s fads.  It’s about establishing and growing a solid reputation in the marketplace.  


Integration into your business

Working and enhancing what you are and what you do is a much better strategy – play to your strengths.


Partnership, not transactions

We draw out the best in you and your business so that we can work together to unleash your greatest destiny.